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TAAG2017 A generalized contraction proximal point algorithm with two monotone operators Abstract
Spencer Makgoeng, Oganeditse Boikanyo
TAAG2017 A note on middle P-spaces and related rings Abstract
Oghenetega Ighedo
TAAG2017 A note on s-metrizable locales Abstract
Cerene Rathilal
TAAG2017 A Scaled Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Projection Method for Convex Constrained Equations Abstract
Mompati Koorapetse, Professor Kaelo, Elias Rabson Offen
TAAG2017 Completeness characterizations of some distance space via fixed point theorems Abstract
Basit Ali
TAAG2017 Convergence in asymmetrically normed lattices Abstract
Mokhwetha Mabula
TAAG2017 Hereditary interior operators Abstract
Fikreyohans Assfaw
TAAG2017 Hochschild cohomology of Sullivan algebras and mapping spaces Abstract
Jean-Baptiste Gatsinzi
TAAG2017 On harmonic ranges and harmonic numbers Abstract
Thomas Bier
TAAG2017 On the ideal structure of pointfree function rings Abstract
Temba Dube
TAAG2017 On the Vietoris locale Abstract
Daharmanand Baboolal
TAAG2017 The congruence lattice of a partial frame Abstract
John Frith
TAAG2017 The Madden quotient of a partial frame Abstract
Anneliese Schauerte
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