Registration Type Cost
Local delegates(Early Bird) 2000.00 BWP (Registration Closed 2022-03-31)
Student fee 600.00 BWP (Registration Closed 2022-06-17)
International Delegate(Early Bird) 2500.00 BWP (Registration Closed 2022-06-10)
Local delegates(Standard) 2500.00 BWP (Registration Closed 2022-05-31)
International Delegate(Standard) 3000.00 BWP (Registration Closed 2022-05-31)
Local delegates(Late registration) 2500.00 BWP (Registration Closed 2022-06-15)
International Delegate(Late registration) 3000.00 BWP (Registration Closed 2022-06-15)
Group registration(10 persons) 15000.00 BWP (Registration Closed 2022-05-31)
10 attendes in a single transaction at a special rate.

Registration Manager

Name Kebope Kealeboga
Phone +267 3552190
Mailing Address

Faculty of Health Sciences

School of Nursing

Private bag 00712, UB Post Office